A downloadable game for Windows

Ozolos is an endless running game. 

The protagonist "Ozolo", a desert fox with a steampunk look, tries to escape from a black hole that wants to swallow him. He crosses various planets and collects power-ups along the way. In it, among other things, is the fuel needed for his jet pack to avoid being swallowed by the greedy hole." Why a desert fox? - Well, it's simple: the player should be able to master the game just as quickly, cunningly and elegantly as a fox.


Ozolos v0.1.zip 749 MB

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP-File and start the executable in the directory Ozolos\Binaries\Win64


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This is fun. The only thing I would suggest is on the early levels and the tutorial that the path to flow is more clear I found myself often going to what looked like the path only to hi an invisible wall.