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Koa Bunga is a blood surfing puzzle platformer, in which you use death to your advantage and solve challenging puzzles to get you out of hell. It combines hardcore puzzle platforming with fast-paced surfing and deadly tiki abilities. And it’s for free! How great is that?!

You play a young surfer named Koa, who finds himself in hell after stealing an ancient tiki mask. But with the help of this suddenly living companion, called Henning, and Koa’s breathtaking surfing skills, you embark on one hell of a journey through the trials of Hine, the goddess of the underworld.

  • Dive into the story through well-crafted papercut styled cut scenes
  • Surf, jump and die throughout 7 unique levels of total madness and fun
  • Solve a vast variety of challenging puzzles, where you have to use your skill and your brain
  • Learn and master your blood surfing skills by using your fellow mask as a surfboard
  • Make use of 3 powerful but deadly tiki abilities: 

 Bloody Spill your guts and create a bloody path to surf on 

Bouncy Place your bouncy perm and jump on it – trust us, it’s fun 

Blasty Inflate your body to place a remote-controlled bomb and use the impact however you want, we don’t judge


Koa Bunga.zip 710 MB


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KoaBunga has been developed as a students project and finished it's development back in 2017. It's completely playable until the end although some puzzle parts are a tad rough and hard to get. You will find the occasional easter egg though. The development status is displayed wrong - we'll fix it! Thanks for pointing it out! <3

 Happy dying! :-*